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25% Bonus for deposits , valid until end of 14 September , Don't miss this big chance
Hello dear members
We have surprise for all of our dear members
Our company CEO decided to add free bonus on your deposits as below rules :

Minimum amount for earn bonus is $500 and no maximum
For invest in plan 1 by minimum $500 you earn 5% of your deposit as bonus and extra deposit
for plan 2 you earn 10% (Minimum deposit amount $1,001)
for plan 3 you earn 17% (Minimum deposit amount $5,001)
for plan 4 you earn 25% (Minimum deposit amount $10,001)

For example you invest $5,001 in plan 3 , you earn 17% of this $850 extra active deposit and your active deposits be $850

Some important Notes:
Note 1: Sending support email by our support page is necessary and your bonus be add within few hours
Note 2 : Bonus deposits be add in plan1 and plan2 (depends on your bonus)
Note 3 : This is only for new deposits from now until end of 14 September 23:59:59
Note 4 : for deposits before of receiving this email, we don't give this bonus . this is only for new deposits . for earn this bonus , you can make new deposit.

Sep-13-2020 02:19:57 PM
Best regards CEO